Bring grades UP with Math Tutoring

Tutoring from Addition through Calculus and SAT Math Prep

Do you want to bring your child’s grades up?   Tutoring is a way to achieve that.

Charry has 16+ years of experience with one-on-one math tutoring, and  15+ years of classroom experience teaching computer related subjects.

Math CAN be easy.  It is a matter of having clear explanations that are broken down into small enough chunks that are delivered at the right pace.

She loves watching students go from “I can’t” to “I can”.   Students and their parents love watching the grades come up!

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To ask questions or set up a time when we can chat —

  • Email me at  or
  • Text me at 520-784-1530


  • My rates vary depending on the length of the session.  Shorter sessions are a little bit more per hour.  Longer sessions are a little bit less per hour.  Email me at for details.


  • Math fundamentals
  • Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, & Calculus
  • University of Arizona and Pima Community College math courses
  • BASIS tutoring and summer packet help
  • Prep for placement tests
  • SAT Math Prep
  • Beginning Computer Programming


  • Monday – Thursday 11:30 am – 9:00 pm.
  • Saturday and Sunday are reserved for SAT classes and for students needing extra sessions.

Cancellation  – Tutoring sessions must be cancelled 24 hours in advance.


Math CAN be easy.  It is a matter of having clear explanations that are broken down into small enough chunks that are delivered at the right pace.

A math tutor who combines good explanations with the chance to practice each piece until it is mastered can take the anxiety out of math.  Patience, clarity, and practice can work miracles!!

Math does require diligence and hard work.  Weekly meetings with a math tutor create an additional focus on a subject that students often prefer to ignore.   The extra attention and accountability that comes with tutoring is often one of the key ingredients to academic success.

Math matters, and Charry can help your child succeed in math.  Working together, grades will come up.   Some students go from D’s to A’s!

As of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have switched to Zoom tutoring.  It works well and even offers some advantages over working in person


“I eagerly recommend Charry Stover as an exceptional math tutor for all skill levels.   We have used several tutors for our kids over the years here in Tucson.  Charry impressed us by how much she truly cares about, and invests in, the success of her students.  And she works to elicit a similar investment in the learning process, in the form of diligence and hard work, from her students.  

She is very smart and detail oriented as well as very warm and welcoming.   Whether challenged or driven & competitive, kids will learn a great deal from her.  Tutoring with Charry is well worth the investment!”   

     Kimberlee Turk


I really enjoy working with people, and I work with all ages
and skill levels.

My current and past tutees are varied. They include : grade school students learning their multiplication tables; middle schoolers trying to get an edge on the upcoming math in high school; Basis students striving to stay on top of things; high school students taking courses from Algebra I on up; and college students taking courses up through College Algebra and Calculus at the University of Arizona and Pima Community College.


“Our son looks forward to math tutoring with Charry — she makes it fun!  Because he has become confident in his abilities and won success in the classroom, he no longer dreads the upcoming math quiz/test.

Charry has worked with our family for over a year now.  Our son has made dramatic improvements in his ability to approach problem solving and test taking.   Charry not only teaches students how to answer problems correctly, but also teaches how to approach problems.  The latter is an important distinction that has helped our son gain universal problem-solving skills.  He now approaches new problems with a methodology that can be applied to the next level of complexity.

Charry, thank you so much for all your assistance!”

   Isaiah Adams


Be sure to check the Helpful Links page for useful math links.  These include a multiplication trainer, a graphing calculator, a scientific calculator,  and “Bedtime Math”.

Good luck on your math journey.

Charry Stover

B.A. Purdue University, Phi Beta Kappa Honorary Society;
M.A. Computer Science, University of Michigan


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  1. Anastasia Bochnewich

    Id love to book a session for as soon as possible! Email me pls and let me know what you have available. I am in math 101 at UofA.

    1. charrystover Post author

      My schedule is pretty full at the moment, though we might get lucky on finding a slot that worked. Are you in Tucson? If not, what time zone are you in? (And if you are in Tucson, what math course is your son taking?)

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