“But it’s just 10% of my grade”

When I query my math students about why they aren’t bothering to do their homework, over and over I hear the refrain “but it’s just 10% of my grade”….. i.e. “so it doesn’t really matter”.    Well wake up and smell the coffee.

Just 10% of your grade????   Ten percent of your grade is the difference between an ‘A’ and a ‘B’, or a ‘B’ and a ‘C’.  It is also the difference between a ‘D’ and an ‘F’.

In most courses you need a base of 60 points out of every 100 points just to pass.   So it is the 40 points on top of the first 60 points that will determine your letter grade.  That’s a different perspective from which to view that 10%.

And of course, if you aren’t doing your homework, just getting to that 60% could be a real challenge…..  just saying…..

Doing the homework is how you will master the material that you will be tested on.  Very, very, few students are bright enough (especially when it comes to math) to learn the material sufficiently well to excel on exams without working their way through the homework.

So set aside some time for that homework, get some help if you can’t figure it out on your own, and then gird up your loins, and get on it!

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