Why does math seem so difficult?

One of the reasons math seems hard is because it requires a certain amount of repetition and dedication.   Math takes time.   The frustration comes  when you are putting in the time and not getting the desired results because there are gaps in your understanding.

Even a very skilled classroom teacher is not going to be able to tailor every lesson and explanation so that all of the pieces fit together every time for every student.   With math, sometimes just a tiny missing piece is the difference between all of your answers being right and all of your answers being wrong.

That is the beauty of having a private math tutor — the missing pieces can be identified, and the needed explanations given so that one’s time and effort yield success and mastery rather than frustration and confusion.

Also, for many students,  math seems difficult in part because they are not used to having to consistently apply themselves to a subject in order to do well in it.    Bright students may have gotten through middle school math just fine without ever really worrying about completing their homework.   Somewhere in high school this lackadaisical attitude often tends to create less-than-desirable results.   A tutor can emphasis the importance of keeping up on one’s homework, and  create a certain amount of accountability.

Math does require diligence.  And all the diligence in the world is of limited use without sufficient understanding.   Lack of either hard work or lack of understanding will tend to create problems for the student, thus giving the subject the reputation for being “hard”.   But the flip side is also true.   With both hard work and understanding, math can yield the delight of success in an arena where mastery once seemed utterly impossible.
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