Programming Class List

Intro Courses

The intro courses are an easy and fun introduction to programming that teach the basic logic structures needed to write code in any language.    They are appropriate for students from 7th grade and up.

Mini (2 1/2 hour) Intro to Programming — a chance to get your feet wet and see if you like it!

This course provides a taste of programming in two and a half hours.  Students will be exposed to sequencing, conditionals, and loops.  The interactive environment of will be used to  write some simple programs, and students will be asked to think through some problems without the feedback of the computer.

This is a 2 1/2 hour course that meets once.   Cost is $25.   Class size :  3-6 students.


Introduction to Programming  I — the basics of coding

This course works with the logic patterns needed to write code in any language.  Students will write code using sequencing, conditional statements, loops, and subroutines.     In addition to working with an interactive coding environment, students will be introduced to Karel J Robot, and will solve some pencil and paper problems to develop the habit of “thinking it through” in advance!

This is a 10 hour course.  Cost is $150.  Class size : 3 – 6 students.


Introduction to Programming  II — harder problems, practice and depth

This course involves problems that are considerably more difficult than those found in the first courses.  Problems will be longer and will require the use of several levels of nested conditionals and loops in order to complete the task.  We will consider multiple approaches to solving the same problem.

This is a 12 hour course.  Cost is $180.  Class size:  3 – 6 students.


Intermediate and Advanced Courses

For enthusiastic and serious students, intermediate and advanced courses are available that delve more deeply in Java, ojbect oriented programming, and more advanced concepts like arrays, pointers, and recursion.

Intermediate Programming 

This course works with concepts from object oriented programming.  Classes and polymorphism will be discussed.  Students will also work with  I/O and single dimensional arrays.   Students will have longer readings  and some problems assigned from the Karel J Robot text.

This is a 12 hour course.  Cost is $180.  Class size : 3 – 6 students.


Advanced Programming

This course covers mutli-dimensisonal arrays, addresses, and pointers.   Collaborative classes will be discussed.   If time allows, we will introduce recursion.   We will progress further in the Karel J Robot text.

This is a 12 hour course.  Cost is $180.  Class size : 3 – 6 students.


Course Schedule and Setting up a Class

The schedule for summer classes is yet to be determined.   If you have 3 students that want to learn programming, I can set up a class and tailor a class schedule to meet your needs.
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