Use summer math tutoring to build a solid foundation!

Summer tutoring can clear up weak spots and work ahead into next year’s material.

Summer vacation is the perfect time to review fundamentals and get a head start on next year’s math course.  Summer tutoring is one of the best strategies out there for improving a child’s math grades.

During the regular school year, the constant onslaught of new material combined with busy schedules can make just keeping up a challenge. In the summer it is possible to focus and work trees and booksintensively on problem areas.  In addition, one can work ahead into the material that students will encounter in their upcoming  math course, thus giving them a head start for the next academic year. 

Thus summer math work is one of the best opportunities for doing a reset on a student’s relationship with math.  It is possible to find, and then really delve into the weak spots in a students knowledge.   There is time to go back and clear up any misunderstandings — and then have the student practice, practice, practice to cement the new skills. 

Explanations that make sense to the student combined with the chance to repeat each chunk until it is mastered can take the anxiety out of math and alter the way a student relates to the subject.   Working ahead into topics that will be covered in the fall semester can give a student a real running start on the material, boosting both confidence and grades as they go into the new academic year.  

Extra attention given to math in the summer can pay off in spades during the next school year.   Those A’s will be easier to come by, and math can transform from a subject one dreads to a skill one delights in.    And staying inside and getting math tutoring is one way to beat the summer Tucson heat!

Sessions can be grouped to be intensive, or spread out.

Summer tutoring can be done once a week throughout the entire summer, or more intensively for just a few weeks.   Since there is no daily math class to provide reinforcement of concepts,  doing 2-4 sessions per week for fewer weeks can provide a more focused learning environment  than once a week tutoring.tree1

On the other hand, the advantage of weekly tutoring for the whole summer is that it provides a consistent focus on learning math.   Clearly the best plan will be the one that works for your family’s schedule and that takes into account what you are trying to accomplish.

Bring a Friend and Create a Class

Have your child team up with a friend (or two), and create a class.  You’ll save some money, and your child may be a little more motivated too!


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