Does your child struggle with math at BASIS?  Are they nailing some of the concepts and then not quite grasping others?  Do you (and they) wish that their math grades were better?  Are you worried about comps at the end of the year, or the prospect of a summer math packet?

The BASIS schools in Tucson are great schools.  They have teachers that are good, students that are smart, parents that are supportive, and a social environment that supports academics.  The SAXON math curriculum is ambitious, and the spiral approach means that students keep revisiting topics so that the material really sinks in.Saxon_MATH_K-3

However, when a new concept is introduced,  there isn’t a lot of emphasis given to practicing that concept, and if a student doesn’t understand it or get enough practice to remember it on the first time round, then they end up with a knowledge gap that is difficult to address with a curriculum that just keeps marching forward.

On top of this BASIS students are busy.  They have lots of demanding subjects, and lots of homework.  The math homework is always long, and often difficult, and it can be only too easy to leave it until last, and then end up giving it short shrift.  Let’s face it — math isn’t the favorite subject for very many students.

imagesTutoring can help.   It can fill in those gaps of knowledge and understanding.  And tutoring brings focus and accountability to math.  In addition, working through math homework with help at hand is not nearly as difficult or as tedious as slogging through it by oneself.  Plus at the end, a student knows that they understood the material.

I offer tutoring for BASIS kids in a variety of formats.


Private tutoring

  • $40 for a 1 hour lesson
  • $45 for a 1 hour and 15 minute lesson
  • $50 for a 1 hour and 30 minute session
  • $65 for a 2 hour session

Mini Math Labs   ( 4 classes, each class is 1 hour and 20 minutes, my location)

Mini math labs are simply a series of classes with 2 or 3 students.  Math labs will be spent working on a homework assignment.  We will spend extra time on those topics that the students are having trouble with.  Typically, students in the same math lab need to be in the same grade.

The multi-student format makes the labs more affordable than private tutoring, and may also make it possible to share some of the driving with other parents.  Most math labs will be either 2 or 3 students.  Under some circumstances, I might consider 4 students in a class.

Math labs will usually be most appropriate for grade school and middle school students.

Labs will meet once per week for 4 weeks, and will last 1 hour and 20 minutes per class.saxon math 56

  • $120 for 4 math labs with 2 students/class
  • $100 for 4 math labs with 3 students/class
  • (for comparison, 4 – 1 hour and 15 minute private tutorials would run $180)

Parents and students are welcome to gather a group of 2-3 students to create their own class.  In addition, I will keep a list of students requesting a math lab, and when I get 2 students in the same grade with compatible schedules, I will create a class.

Shorter, or more frequent math labs can be set up to make use of school breaks, or summer vacation.  It is just a matter of gathering the students and coordinating everyone’s schedule.

Sessions need to be paid in advance, and there is no reimbursement for missed classes.


Summer Packet Help and math review

Is a summer math packet threatening to ruin your and your child’s summer?  Make it easy on everyone —  get help in completing the packet.  It will get done faster, and your student will end up really learning and understanding the material.

  • Summer packet help and/or math review is available either in a small class format (as described in the Mini Math Labs), or as private tutoring.imgres

Longer math labs are also available.  Longer labs are particularly helpful in the summer when students are trying to work through a packet or squeeze tutoring in between summertime travel and  vacation plans.  And in the summer, students may prefer to schedule math labs multiple times per week.

The pricing for labs that meet 4 times for 2 hours per class is as follows.

  • $180 for 4 math labs with 2 students/class
  • $135 for 4 math labs with 3 students/class
  • (for comparison, 4 – 2 hour  private tutorials would run $264)


Summer Geometry tutoring/mini-classes

Geometry is a weak point in the Saxon curriculum.   Using the spiral approach to teach and master this subject simply does not work very well.

Geometry 1Geometry requires a different approach than Algebra.  You have to learn to “see” certain relationships and connections.  It is different from any math that students have done up to that point.  And because it is so different, one  really needs a series of consecutive lessons where the focus is totally dedicated to Geometry in order to master the basics of the subject.  Saxon simply never provides this.

In truth, all of the Tucson schools tend to do a poor job of preparing their students in geometry.  I consider proofs to be the most important part of geometry because when you learn to do proofs, you develop reasoning and thinking skills.  And proofs are almost universally poorly taught.

The SATs, ACTs, and Arizona standardized tests all expect students to have a basic working knowledge of Geometry.  I have found myself torn between astonishment and tears  when trying to tutor students prepping for the Geometry portion of standardized tests.  Astonishment because there is so little that is really understood, and tears because there is so much material to cover.

Cathedral ChartresSummer is the perfect time to fill in the Geometry gap.  Students can do Geometry tutoring from the summer after 7th grade, on up.  Geometry help can be formatted either as a small class, or as private tutoring.

I have created an 8 session geometry class that can give students a solid foundation in the basics of geometry.

The details of this class are described in the “Summer Geometry” tab.



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